Annual Wellness Exams

Personalized prevention plan that includes routine measurements, health risk assessment, cognitive and mental health screening and health advisement

Well Child Exams with Immunizations

Online access to the South Dakota State Immunization Program

Newborn Care

Newborn care from the time of delivery during the hospital stay. Circumcision of male infants if desired by parents.

Women's Health

Pap Tests, Breast Screenings, STD Testing, Contraception - including Nexplanon

Chronic Disease Management

High blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, COPD, Asthma and others

Cardio Health

EKGs, Stress Test, Pacemaker Checks

Pulmonary Health

Pulmonary Function Test, Nebulizer Treatments

Acute Injury and Illness Care

Includes Splinting, Casting, Suturing and Lacerations

Physical Exams

Includes DOT, Pre-Employment, Preschool, Athletic Physicals and Basic Med Flight Physicals (Not FAA Flight Physical. See Below.)

Attention Private Pilots: If you are not a commercial pilot, you may be eligible for a BasicMed Flight Physical. This will allow you to go 4 years between flight physicals. For more information click here.  

In-House Services

Laboratory Testing, X-ray, Bone Density Scans, Treadmill Stress Testing, Sleep Apnea Screening

Joint Injections and Aspirations

Joint Fluid Removal and medication Injection

Minor Surgery

Mole/Lesion/Skin Tag Removal, Cyst Removal, Wart Removal, Laceration Repair and Suture Removal, Vasectomy

Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy

Includes intestinal symptom investigation, Colon Cancer Screening and Polyp removal

Free Blood pressure checks

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9:15 A.M.-9:30 A.M.